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Increasing, Sigmoidal

BACTERIAThe growth of a bacterial colony as a function of time.
BEANSBeans were placed in a styrofoam cup, covered them lightly with soil, and watered regularly. On the tenth day sprouts emerged. This shows the height as a function of time.
BOMBAYThe total number of deaths in Bombay from a plague spread by rats during the period December 1905 to July 1906.
FLOWERThe height of sunflower plants as a function of time.
LUPINEThe growth of a Lupine from day 4 to day 21.
NICOTINENicotine Sulphate is introduced into a closed room containing mosquitoes to determine how efficiently the chemical kills the insects. This shows the killing efficiency - the proportion of dead mosquitoes - for various doses.
PLAGUETotal number of deaths by the week from August 1665 to October 1665 during the Great Plague of London.
PLANTThe total area of the leaves of a plant as a function of time.
RATSIn this experiment 144 seven month old rats were observed over a period of 30 months. The total number that died was recorded every month
SHAPEThe volume of a vessel as a function of its height.
SOLEThe weight of North Sea sole as a function of time.
URUGUAYIn 1961 fertilized grass-legume pastures were introduced into Uruguay. This shows the total number of ranchers who adopted this new technology from 1965 to 1976.
YEASTThe amount of yeast as a function of time.

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