Data Selected by Chapters : 4

AIDSThe total number of cases of AIDS in the USA in 4 month intervals from 1982.Increasing, Concave Down
ARROWNewAn arrow was shot from a bow. The height was measured as a function of the distance traveled.Increasing, Decreasing, Concave Down
BADMINThis data set was obtained by dropping a badminton shuttlecock and recording its distance as a function of time.Increasing, Concave Up
BRAKEThe distance in feet a car travels when braking in an emergency stop as a function of the velocity of the car at the time the brakes are applied.Increasing, Concave Up
BULLETA bullet was shot from a rifle. The velocity was measured as a function of distance traveled.Decreasing, Concave Up
CARA car with manual transmission was driven on a long straight horizontal road at 55 mph. The car was taken out of gear and let roll to a stop. The time at which the car was traveling at 55, 50, ... , 10, 5, and 0 mph was recorded.Decreasing, Concave Up
COFFEESome students measured the temperature of coffee to see how rapidly it cooled. The coffee temperature is shown as a function of the time.Decreasing, Concave Up
CRABThe claw weight versus body weight of fiddler-crabs.Increasing, Concave Up
FREEFALLThis shows data that correspond to a sky diver in free fall in a stable spread-eagle position when falling from rest. It shows the sky diver's distance fallen as a function of the time.Increasing, Concave Up
IRELANDThe population of Ireland from 1780 to 1920.Increasing, Decreasing, Concave Up
JUMPSThe results of an experiment in which people fell freely from rest from various heights. It shows the distance fallen in feet as a function of time in seconds.Increasing, Concave Up
KENYAThe population of Kenya for the period 1955 to 1990 in 5 year intervals.Increasing, Concave Up
LEWISThe times achieved every 10 meters by Carl Lewis in the 100 meter final of the World Championship in Rome in 1987.Increasing, Concave Up
LIZARDExperiments have been performed where a lizard is encouraged to run as fast as possible, starting from rest. The distance run is then measured as a function of time.Increasing, Concave Up
NICOTINENicotine Sulphate is introduced into a closed room containing mosquitoes to determine how efficiently the chemical kills the insects. This shows the killing efficiency - the proportion of dead mosquitoes - for various doses.Increasing, Sigmoidal
PLAICEThe results of an experiment relating the weight of plaice to its length.Increasing, Concave Up
PROBEA student held a temperature probe firmly between her thumb and forefinger while the temperature of the probe was recorded. This shows the temperature as a function of the time.Increasing, Concave Down
PUPILS1NewThis shows the result of an experiment in which 10 subjects were briefly exposed to a bright light, causing their pupils to dilate, and then the diameter of each pupil was measured as the pupil expanded. Increasing, Concave Down
RANGEThe results of an experiment recording the range of a projectile as a function of the initial angle of elevation.Increasing, Decreasing, Concave Down
SPHEREThe data set was obtained by dropping a Styrofoam ball and recording its distance as a function of time.Increasing, Concave Up
STURGEONA biologist measured the length of a sturgeon over a 21 year period. This shows the length in centimeters as a function of the time in years.Increasing, Concave Down
TOLUENEThe vapor pressure as a function of temperature of Toluene.Increasing, Concave Up
USAPOPThe population of the USA from 1790 to 1990 in 10 year intervals.Increasing, Concave Up

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