Data Selected by Properties : Increasing, Sigmoidal

BACTERIAThe growth of a bacterial colony as a function of time.
BEANROOTNewThe length of the root of a bean as a function of time.
BEANSBeans were placed in a styrofoam cup, covered them lightly with soil, and watered regularly. On the tenth day sprouts emerged. This shows the height as a function of time.
BOMBAYThe total number of deaths in Bombay from a plague spread by rats during the period December 1905 to July 1906.
FLOWERThe height of sunflower plants as a function of time.
GUINEANewThe pre-natal growth of a Guinea-Pig. The length is a function of time.
LUPINEThe growth of a Lupine from day 4 to day 21.
MARRIEDNewThe age at which 41,000 Australian men, born in the same year, were married is shown where the second column shows the percentage of the 41,000 men who were married, while the first column shows the age at which they were married.
MAIZENewThe weight of an ear of maize as a function of time.
NICOTINENicotine Sulphate is introduced into a closed room containing mosquitoes to determine how efficiently the chemical kills the insects. This shows the killing efficiency - the proportion of dead mosquitoes - for various doses.
PLAGUETotal number of deaths by the week from August 1665 to October 1665 during the Great Plague of London.
PLANTThe total area of the leaves of a plant as a function of time.
POSTNATALNewThe length, from month to month, of a newly born child.
PRENATALNewThe length, from month to month, of a prenatal child.
RATSIn this experiment 144 seven month old rats were observed over a period of 30 months. The total number that died was recorded every month
SHAPEThe volume of a vessel as a function of its height.
SOLEThe weight of North Sea sole as a function of time.
URUGUAYIn 1961 fertilized grass-legume pastures were introduced into Uruguay. This shows the total number of ranchers who adopted this new technology from 1965 to 1976.
YEASTThe amount of yeast as a function of time.

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