- Logs and Exponentials - Differentiation - Integration - Series -

In order for you to be successful in an introductory Ordinary Differential Equations course, you must have a good command of logarithms, exponentials, and the techniques of differentiation and integration. If your ODE course covers Frobenius' Method then you will also need to have a good knowledge of series.

This set of web-based quizzess (which requires JavaScript) is designed to see whether you have these skills. No results are recorded or collected. The whole purpose of these quizzes is to hone your skills in those parts of calculus which are essential for success in ODEs. Each quiz consists of 10 questions, and has online help.

Some advice so that you can get the most out of this review.

  • ALWAYS use paper and pencil.
  • ALWAYS start from the question and work towards an answer. Do not start from the answers and work towards the question—some questions can be done this way, but that won't help you with ODEs.
  • DO NOT use a calculator—many instructors prohibit their use.
  • Remember this review is for your benefit—take it seriously. If you don't understand something fully, admit it, and do SOMETHING about it!
  • If you don't know why you missed a question, copy it down, along with all the answers, and take it to your instructor for help. Most instructors are human and are quite happy to help a serious student!
The Quizzes
- Logs and Exponentials - Differentiation - Integration - Series -

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