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   Ewa Romanowska

Office: ENR2 N215 

Email:   ewar@math.arizona.edu

 Office hours posted at   D2l

Classes taught at U of A:

College Algebra Concepts and Applications (Math 110, Math 112, accelerated Math 112), Trigonometry (Math 111, Math 118), Elements of Calculus (Math 113), Business Calculus (Math 115A/B), Calculus Preparation (Math 120R), Functions for Calculus (Math 122A), First Semester Calculus (Math 122B), Calculus with Applications (Math 124), Calculus I (Math 125), Calculus II (Math 129), Vector Calculus (Math 223), Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations (Math 254), Honors Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations (Math 254H)

  Current Classes D2l

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