University of Arizona | Department of Mathematics | Ildar Gabitov | MATH 485

MATH 485
Mathematical Modeling

Section , Spring 2020

Education 337, TR, 2:00–3:15pm

Office Hours: Tuesday 4:00–5:00pm, Wednesday 2:00–3:00pm, Thursday 4:00–5:00pm (subject to change) and by appointment.

Homework: Will be assigned regularly.


Math 485/585 modeling projects:

  • 1. Field: Ecology and Enviromental Science. Title: Optimization of the thermodynamic balance control between the atmosphere and carbon mixture during its transformation into soil on the facilities of the Biosphere 2.
  • 2. Field: Ecology and Enviromental Science. Title: Ocean - atmosphere heat exchange: analysis of data obtained on the facilities of the Biosphere 2.
  • 3. Field: Classical Mechanics. Title: Unexpected around us: the mysteries of the evolution of the moon-earth system
  • 4. Field: Classical Mechanics. Title: Stability of inverted pendulum with vibrating base.
  • 5. Field: Biology. Title: Evolution future and genealogical trees
  • 6. Field: Biology. Title: DNA repair models
  • 7. Field: Neurobiology. Title: Brain - eye connection.
  • 8. Field: Financial Mathematics. Title: Stock Trend Evolution.
  • 9. Field: Optics and Astronomy. Title: Olbers' paradox: the darkness of the night sky filled with myriad of stars