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week dates locationactivity
46/12 - 6/16 Mathematics 402 HONEY BEE POPULATIONS
morningsDeveloping algebra skills
Beginning Spread Sheets
6/12Africanized Honey Bees
6/12 11:00AM Killer Bees?
6/12 3:30 PM A Tale for All Nations
6/13Exponential and Logistic Growth
6/14A Month in the Hive
6/15A Year in the Hive
6/16Birth, Death,and Migration
6/16 2:30PM Tales from the Hive
56/19 - 6/23 Mathematics 224, 402 BEEKEEPING ECONOMICS
daily Bee Research Center Lab Visit
morningsImproving algebra skills
Advanced Spread Sheets
6/19 1:00PMSan Xavier Farming Cooperative Harvesting Honey at Wa:k Apiary
6/20Introduction to Beekeeping
6/20 4:00PM An Inside Look at Beekeeping
6/21Financial Models
6/22Simulations with BK-ECONOMICS
6/23 12:30PM Athletic Facility TourMcKale Center
6/23Pricing Your Product
66/26 - 6/30 Mathematics 224, 402 TEAM PROJECTS
morningsRefining algebra skills
6/26 8:00AMVisit to the Patagonia farm Native Seeds/SEARCH
6/26 3:00PMIsolating honey bee DNA Biotech Project
6/27 3:00PMIntroduction to ethnobotany Arizona State Museum
6/28 10:30AMYavapai Residence Hall Introduction to the New Start Program
6/28 1:00PM Visit to the center Native American Student Affairs
6/28 3:00PMWest Stadium Laboratory of Tree Ring Research
6/30Closing Ceremonies