Math 263 -- Introduction to Statistics and Biostatistics (Section 14)

Fall 2017

When: MWF 1:00--1:50pm
Where: Modern Languages 314
Instructor: Kevin K Lin

Office: Math 606
Phone: 626-6628

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Here is the course policy, last updated August 21, 2017. It should answer most of your questions about this course. The course calendar contains a tentative syllabus, and below are some resources you may find useful for this course.


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* <2017-12-11 Mon> Final Exam 1--3pm
* <2017-12-08 Fri> Office hour 5--6pm
* <2017-12-07 Thu> Office hour 5--6pm
* <2017-12-06 Wed> Office hour 5--6pm
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