Uncertainty Quantification Group

Time: Wednesdays 2pm
Place: Zoom

Shankar Venkataramani
Kevin K Lin

Meetings: the U2 Can UQ Workshop was a great success thanks to Matti's organization and support from the Department of Mathematics!

Welcome to the Uncertain Quantification Group in the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Arizona! We are a group of faculty, postdocs, and students interested in the design, analysis, and application of computational methods for uncertainty quantification and data assimilation. We also discuss related topics like stochastic modeling, nonlinear dynamics, Monte Carlo sampling, and so on. Meetings range from expository talks, discussions of interesting papers, and formal seminar talks.

If you wish to participate, please send e-mail to one of us to get added to the group. You can also check this page for the calendar of events and the list of talks.

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