RTG Research Showcase

Showcasing Research in Data-Driven Discovery

When?     10am-4:15pm (MST) on Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Where?     Zoom

Who?     Anyone interested in Data-Driven Discovery

Keynote: Chris Rycroft (Harvard University)

Invited speakers: Ali Bilgin (UA BME/ECE), John Fricks (ASU), Hoshin Gupta (UA Hydrology), Kyle Gwirtz (UCSD), Avinash Karamchandani , Bill Fries, Adrienne Kinney, Roummel Marcia (UC Merced), Laura Miller, Matti Morzfeld (UCSD), Christian Parkinson, Jessica Pillow, Xueying Tang

Details? Here's the schedule

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Questions? Write Kevin Lin at klin@math.arizona.edu

Organized by David Glickenstein, Avinash Karamchandani, Kevin Lin, and the Data Driven Discovery Research Training Group

With support from the School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Arizona, and NSF Research Training Grant DMS-1937229