Fall 2005 MATH 415A Homework assignments:

You will find the following material useful. It contains a lab manual for the computer exercises using GAP.

1st Homework due Friday, 2nd of September: Chapter 2, Exercises 4,6,14,23,25,26, and 34.

2nd Homework due Friday, 9th of September: Chapter 3, Exercises 1,4,13,14,15,20,28,34,50. Computer Exercise: 5.

3rd Homework due Monday, 19th of September: Chapter 4, Exercises 1,4,10,13,44,48,54,62. Computer Exercise: 2,3.

4th Homework due Monday, 26th of September: Chapter 5, Exercises 9,14,18,20,28,36,46,50. Computer Exercise: 1,2.

5th Homework due Monday, 10th of October: Chapter 6, Exercises 2,4,17,20,22,26,28,29,36,38. No Computer Exercises.

6th Homework due Wednesday, 19th of October: Chapter 7, Exercises 6,14,16,20,22,26,36,40. Computer Exercise 1.

7th Homework due Wednesday, 2nd of November: Chapter 8, Exercises 10,12,18,22,30,38,46,56,58. Computer Exercise 6,8.

8th Homework due Wednesday, 16th of November: Chapter 9, Exercises: 4,8,26,32,37,42,46,54,56,66. No Computer Exercises.

9th Homework due Wednesday, 23rd of November: Chapter 10, Exercises: 6,8,12,18,30,44,52,54. No Computer Exercises.

10th and last Homework due Tuesday, 6th of December: Chapter 11, Exercises: 4,20,24,36, Chapter 12, Exercises: 22,42, Chapter 13, Exercises: 16,54. No Computer Exercises.