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Modeling Projects

Social interactions

- Modeling crowd dynamics

The first two papers describe two-dimensional models of pedestrian dynamics. The third paper is in one space dimension and focuses on model characteristics that reproduce the experimentally measured velocity-density relationship of pedestrian flows.

- Modeling competition between languages

The first paper describes a stochastic model for the evolution of the distribution of languages. The last 2 papers discuss the Abrams-Strogatz model of competition between languages.

- Modeling the dream team

The first link points to a perspective article published in Science. The second link points to the article describing the model of team formation.

- Modeling traffic flow

The first paper discusses the building of traffic jams on a single-lane road. The second paper is concerned with a nonlinear map that describes the dynamics of shuttle buses. The third article discusses a car-following model for night driving, and the fourth a car-following model in which the drivers' response time is taken into account.

- Modeling opinion formation

The first two articles discuss gossip spreading. The third paper analyzes a model for non-conservative voters and reviews other voting models.

- Modeling interactive learning

This paper describes a regret-driven model of interactive learning.
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