Sea Shells


This MATLAB GUI plots a variety of sea shells defined as parametric surfaces. An explanation of the significance of the various parameters may be downloaded from this web site.

How to use the GUI

The user may either change the parameter values by manipulating the various sliders, or use the pull down menu to select predefined shells.

Once the parameters have been selected, the corresponding shell may be plotted by clicking on the Plot Shell button.

The shell may then be rotated by clicking and dragging the mouse in the figure.


To download the GUI, right click on each of the links below, and save the corresponding files into a directory. Set the MATLAB path to that directory and then type Sea_Shells at the MATLAB prompt.

Type help Sea_Shells at the MATLAB prompt if you need to be reminded of how to use the GUI.

GUI developed by Joceline Lega, 1998 and Spring 2008.