Waves in Plasmas seminar - WiPs

The goal of this seminar is to understand better waves in magnetized plasmas. We will begin with a review of basic electromagnetism and then move into the treatment of plasma waves with the cold plasma and MHD models. If time permits, we will continue forward and consider kinetic theory effects. The ultimate goal is to better understand several important phenomena which play a major role in astrophysical and practical applications, specifically wave absorption, mode conversion, and cyclotron damping. We will focus on physical aspects, however, some rigorous mathematical aspects may be discussed.


  • Jacob Bedrossian
  • Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard


  • At UMD, CSCAMM seminar room.
  • At NYU, WWH room 805.

Main References

  • Swanson, D.G., Plasma waves.
  • Stix, T.H., Waves in plasmas.

Past meetings - Tuesdays at 2pm

  • February 10th, organizers - test of the communication system.
  • February 17th, Antoine Cerfon - introduction to electrostatics.
  • February 24th, Antoine Cerfon - introduction to EM.
  • February 24th, Jungpyo Lee - introduction to the cold plasma model.
  • March 3rd, LMIG - introduction to the cold plasma model(2).
  • March 10th, LMIG - perpendicular propagation and polarization (CPM).
  • March 17th, Spring break.
  • March 24th, LMIG - parallel propagation and polarization (CPM).
  • March 30th, LMIG - arbitrary direction of propagation (CPM).
  • April 7th, Power outage in MD.
  • April 14th, Flood in MD.
  • April 21th, JB Landau damping in unmagnetized hot plasmas
  • April 28th, JB Magnetized hot plasmas I
  • May 5th, JB Magnetized hot plasmas II
  • May 19th, JB Jacob at Courant.

Additional Material

  • Fitzpatrick, R., Plasma Physics
  • Griffiths, D.J., Introduction to Electrodynamics.
  • Purcell, E., Electricity and Magnetism.
  • Papas, C.H., Theory of electromagnetic wave propagation.
  • Boyd, T.J.M. and Sanderson, J.J., The Physics of Plasmas.