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Robert Indik, Math 302,

Tina Deemer, Math 209,


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Calculator Information

A handy Mac/PC emulator for the TI graphing calculators can be found at WabbitStudio

Here are some good examples that you can use in class to help students learn that their calculators are NOT as smart as they might think!

  • Pixels.doc - This one uses trig functions to show how the pixels on a calculator screen really limit their picture of the graph of a function.
  • Equations.doc - This one has a variety of functions from trig and algebra. It's written from an instructor to other instructors (so it's not really meant as a handout for your students).


For all written assignments in this class, present your ideas in essay form (paragraphs). Your work should be typed (electronic or paper) and turned in no later than 4:30 pm on the date due, unless specified otherwise.

Assignment #1 ~ Due Monday, August 24, 4:30 pm

  1. Read the section entitled "The First Days of Class" in Tools for Teaching (posted here, if you do not yet have the book). Please read pages 37-45 and bear in mind the questions:
    • How can I set the tone of the class for the coming term?
    • How can I make the time worthwhile?
    • What is the balance of administrative discussion versus math?
  2. Read through the Math 597T course policy and syllabus posted on the course web page.
  3. Login to MyMathLab, and look through the assignments relating to all the material in the course through the first four weeks of the semester.

Assignment #2 ~ Due Tuesday, September 8, 4:30 pm

Prepare a lesson plan for the first day of section 3.1 (Relations and Functions). Use the lesson planning tool provided on the Math 597T web page on the left hand side. Be sure to include objectives, times for each activity, and clear descriptions of what you and the student are doing. Include what you plan to say and what you plan to put on the board. Be sure to include specific opportunities for student engagement and assessment (checking understanding). Convert your lesson plan to a pdf and post in the D2L dropbox for Assignment #2.

Assignment #3 ~ Due Wednesday, September 23, 4:30 pm

  1. Annotate your lesson plan for section 3.1 with your thoughts about how the class went. Indicate what went well and what didn't, how accurate your projected timing was, and how the reality differed from the plan. Write a paragraph to summarize how things went. Some questions to think about: What went well? Was your timing sufficient/accurate? What did not go well and why? How would you approach this material differently if you were to teach it again? Convert to a pdf and post to the D2L dropbox.
  2. Review the Peer Observation pairing list to ensure that you are able to visit the classroom of your assigned peer. If you have a conflict with this assignment, let Tina know by Monday, September 21.