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Accessing Career Choices in Engineering and the ScienceS

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A National Science Foundation Program for Students with Disabilities



Program ACCESS, a new program of The University of Arizona and the National Science Foundation, seeks to increase the number of Arizona students with physical disabilities who pursue study and careers in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology (SMET) fields.


Program ACCESS provides programs for Arizona students with physical disabilities in middle school, high school, and university with an interest in SMET. The program provides training for teachers, counselors, faculty, and teaching assistants who can foster the interests of students with disabilities in SMET fields. Teachers and counselors may apply for grants for individual projects to enhance their skills dealing with disabilities. It also establishes mentoring and partnership programs with SMET professionals, advanced students, and younger students. Program ACCESS seeks to identify and remove barriers at The University of Arizona and in Tucson area middle and high schools, which reduce the ability of students with disabilities to participate fully in SMET research and learning experiences.


Our goal is to promote a high level of academic and professional success in SMET fields among students with disabilities by encouraging the removal of architectural, technological, and societal barriers that presently exist and which impede access and success in these fields.


Objectives of Program ACCESS
1. Increase the proportion of students with disabilities who pursue SMET subjects in middle school, high school, and at a university.
2. Establish mentoring programs among secondary school students, university undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and industry professionals.
3. Eradicate stereotyping and to encourage pursuit of SMET related study and career planning through teacher, counselor and faculty development programs.
4. Transform UA SMET laboratories and facilities into barrier free environments.


Eight interrelated programs are being established through Program ACCESS over a three-year period beginning in the summer of 1998.


Student Programs


Teacher/Counselor/Graduate Teaching Assistant/Faculty Programs


Industry Partner Programs


Barrier Free Programs


The University of Arizona serves over 1,000 students with disabilities, and is ranked as one of the most accessible campuses in the United States. We believe that the opportunity to study, conduct research, and establish a career in science, math, engineering, and technology fields is an accessible goal for students regardless of physical ability.


Program ACCESS, sponsored by the Department of Mathematics, is a multi-disciplinary program at The University of Arizona, involving faculty, staff, and students with disabilities from the College of Science, The College of Engineering & Mines, the Graduate College, the University Teaching Center, the Center for Disability Related Resources (CeDRR), the Department of Career Services and The Science and Mathematics Education Center (SAMEC).



"I seem to manage to do anything that I really want." Stephen Hawking,

Physicist. Dr. Hawking serves as a mentor to Program ACCESS.



















Program ACCESS

A National Science Foundation Program for Students with Disabilities


The University of Arizona

Tucson, Arizona


For Further Information Contact:

Ali Mehrabian and John T. Olson

Department of Mathematics

Bldg #89, Rm 221

University of Arizona

Tucson, AZ   85721


Chris Mikel at the Math Center
(520) 621-2056

To leave a message
(520) 626-8397



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