Doug Pickrell: Graduate Students

Mike Brilleslyper, Ph.D., 1994

The Dirichlet problem for harmonic maps from a disc into a sphere

David Hrencecin, M.S., 1995

Representations of the Virasoro algebra

Son Dang, Ph.D., 1996

The c-function for affine Kac-Moody algebras

Scott Beaver, M.S. 1997

A brief review of knot invariants

Jing Liu, M.S. 1997

Random matrices and eigenvalue distributions

Jialing Dai, M.S. 1998

Stochastic integrals with respect to Brownian Motion

John Friese, M.S. 1998

The Peter-Weyl theorem and Frobenius reprocity, with examples

Jialing Dai, Ph.D., 2000

Conjugacy classes, characters, and coadjoint orbits for Diff(S^1)

Robert Lakatos, Ph.D. Oral, 2002

Symplectic structure on the moduli space of representations of fundamental groups of surfaces

Sheldon Joyner, Ph.D. Oral, 2002

The Beltrami equation and quasiconformal mappings

Panagiota Konstantinou, M.S. 2003

Conjugacy and products of commutators for the universal covering of PSU(1,1)

Derek Habermas, Ph.D., 2006

Compact symmetric spaces, Cayley coordinates, and triangular factorization

Pani Konstantinou, Ph.D. 2006

Homomorphisms of the fundamental group of a surface into PSU(1,1) and the action of the mapping class group

Aisha Najera, M.S. 2006

Comparison of Riemannian and symplectic geometry

Arlo Caine, Ph.D. 2007

Compact symmetric spaces and Poisson geometry

Geillan Aly, M.S. 2009

Two dimensional topological quantum field theory

Benjamin Pittman-Polletta, Ph.D. (Applied Mathematics) 2010

Factorization in loop groups

Cindy Phillips, M.S. 2012

Equivariant meromorphic functions on Riemann surfaces with reflection symmetry

Angel Chavez, M.S. 2012

The action of the conformal Lie algebra on functions of self-avoiding loops

Jonathan Edwards, M.S. 2013

Explicit calculation of the zeta function-regularized determinant of the Laplacian on the n-sphere

Angel Chavez, Ph.D. 2015

Werner's measure on self-avoiding loops and representations of the Virasoro algebra

Mohammad Javad Latifi Jebelli, Ph.D. 2022

Loop group factorization, lattice systems, and OPUC