The UTA (Undergraduate Teaching Assistant) program* is an opportunity for undergraduates who are interested in teaching mathematics. After being accepted into the program and passing an algebra proficiency test, an undergraduate teaching assistant is assigned to a mathematics faculty member and assists her or him in teaching a math course; specifically, UTAs hold office hours and study sessions, provide tutoring services, write supplementary course materials to help students, and grade papers.

Each semester, one math teaching postdoc coordinates the UTA program. It is this person's task to monitor the progress of each UTA and to hold weekly training meetings with the UTAs as a group. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss teaching issues and to discuss any problems that the teaching assistants may be having. Other duties of the supervising postdoc include recruiting UTAs for upcoming semesters, administering and grading the algebra proficiency tests, and communicating with faculty members who are working with UTAs to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

For more information about the UTA program, please visit the UTA Website or contact the Math Center.

* - Funded by a VIGRE grant from the NSF