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SWRIMS organizes workshops aimed at high school students; some workshops are specifically aimed at students taking calculus. Teachers are also encouraged to attend.

Upcoming workshops:
  • None scheduled.

Past workshops:

Ideas for future workshops:
  • Introduction to Dynamical Systems
  • Introduction to Population Dynamics


How are dates for workshops chosen?

After graduate students and faculty express interest in running a workshop, depending on the nature of the workshop (should it run on a single Saturday, on multiple Saturdays, or during the week in the evening?), we decide possible dates. Sometimes we consult with local high school teachers to see if any of the dates conflict with other school activities. We also try to avoid holding workshops on the same day as SAT, PSAT, and AP exams (test dates available from and ACT exams (test dates available from

How are teachers informed of upcoming workshops?

We have slowly been putting together a list of high school calculus teachers in the Tucson area and surrounding communities. This is easier said than done. We started with the Tucson phone book, phoning schools asking whether anyone there teaches calculus. More names were added by word of mouth. Then we obtained lists of public schools from various school districts and again phoned each school. Some of the workshops are directed also at precalculus and computer science classes; in these cases we rely on the calculus teachers on our list to pass on the letters to the appropriate teachers.
Once a date for a workshop has been set, we send an invitation letter to all teachers on our list.

    Here is our workshop mailing list. Go there to add or remove your name.

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