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Fourier Series and Harmonic Analysis


For a list of presentations (and email addresses of the presentors), consult the schedule of individual workshops below.

Introduction to Fourier Series and Harmonic Analysis:

Advanced Topics in Fourier Series and Harmonic Analysis


Software, handouts, overhead slides from the workshops:

A lot of material is missing. If you are looking for something specific from one of the workshops, please send email to Alexander Perlis, . (Note: Please do let me know if you are looking for something. We would like to get everything on this website, but this is a volunteer effort, so we may not be adding things in the order in which people out there are looking for them. We need to know what you want.)

  • Programs for TI calculators
  • Programs for MATLAB
  • Picture of TouchTone waveforms
  • Overhead slides demonstrating the calculation of Fourier coefficients (prepared by Aaron Ekstrom):
    • Slide 1: A complicated wave as a sum of simple waves
    • Slide 2: Averaging the wave to compute the constant term
    • Slide 3: Integrating against cos(x) to pick out the a1 coefficient
    • Slide 4: Integrating against sin(x) to pick out the b1 coefficient
    • Slide 5: Integrating against cos(2x) to pick out the a2 coefficient
    • Slide 6: Integrating against sin(2x) to pick out the b2 coefficient
  • Overhead slides (prepared by Jeff Cunningham)

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