RTG and URA projects

Spring 09

* Joe Dinius
Swimming at Low Reynolds Number.
* Scott Hottovy
Introduction to quantum chaology.
* Quintina Jones
Linear and Weakly Nonlinear Control Systems.
* Luke McGuire
Jupiter's Red Spot.
* Raymundo Navarette
Determining the behavior of the rotating disk electrode system (URA project).
* Matt Pennybacker
A Model for the Three-Level Cascade Atomic System.
* Yilu Wang
A discontinuous differential equation.

Spring 08

* Darin Comeau
The mechanics of Euler's disk

Spring 07

* Carlos Chiquete
Not even Hercules: The moving contact line problem.
* John Gemmer
Geometric Nonlinear Dynamical Control.
* Kelly Smith
Exploring the finite element method to numerically solve boundary value problems.


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