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Math 163

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Course Information:

Statistics is the field of study involving (1) the collection, summarization, and analysis of data; and (2) the drawing of inferences about a population from the examination of a sample of the population. The goals of this course are to introduce each student to the practice of statistics and to provide an overview of common topics in statistical inference.

Math 163 Description: Organizing data: displaying distributions, measures of center, measures of spread, scatterplots, correlation, regression, and their interpretation. Design of experiments: simple random samples and their sampling distribution, models from probability, normal distributions, and normal approximations. Statistical inference: confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, t procedures and chi-square tests. Not intended for those who plan further studies in statistics. Except as per University policy on repeating a course, credit will not be given for this course if the student has credit in a higher level math course. Such students may be dropped from the course. Examinations are proctored.

Objectives and Expected Learning Outcomes for Math 163: Students will gain an appreciation of statistics and should be able to:

  • Excel will be used as a data analysis tool.
  • A TI-83 or TI-84 Calculator is required.

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