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Math 509C, Statistics for Research

Course Information

Math 509C a graduate statistics course designed for students who have had little exposure to statistics and have not yet taken an advanced undergraduate statistics course. This course is not appropriate for students who have completed undergraduate engineering statistics, or any advanced statistics course like UA Math 361, 363, 466. Students are expected to work independently, using all of the online resourses available through the course portal. The online materials provided through StatsPortal will be the primary source of information and content for this course. There are videos and tutor clips that can substitute for lectures. The instructor will provide information about how examinations will be administered and how to submit written assignments.

Register for StatsPortal as soon as possible, or you will quickly fall behind. See below.

It is important to keep up and follow the calendar and assignments. Most assigments and due dates will be posted through the StatsPortal.

Please note that students who need to take this course remotely (outside UA) should contact the instructor. There may be additional fees for proctored testing outside the UA campus.

  • Any issues with StatsPortal should be directed to their technical support at 1-800-936-6899.
  • StatsPortal is sometimes not available. It is important to start assignments in advance to avoid any potential issues. Do not expect extensions due to temporary issues with StatsPortal.
  • R will be used as a data analysis tool.

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