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Algebraic Geometry
Spring 2005


Course Overview:

This is a continuation of Math 536A, with the theme "geometry for arithmetic". More precisely, the goal is to introduce students to some advanced topics in algebraic geometry which are useful in number theory, i.e., some arithmetical algebraic geometry. By the end, students should have a fighting chance at following a seminar that starts out "Let X be a regular proper model over Z of a curve X over Q" or "Consider a finite flat group scheme G over Spec Fp" or "We view the l-adic cohomology group H1(X,Ql) as a representation of the absolute Galois group of k."

The main topics will be:

The emphasis will be on examples and techniques that help to study low-dimensional schemes of arithmetic interest: curves over fields, rings of algebraic integers, and curves and group schemes over fields, number rings, and curves.


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