The Galois Group of Cyclotomic Fields of Fermat Primes

This page contains the results of the research done by myself, David Brown, under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Madden, over the summer of 2001. The experience as a whole was enjoyable in every respect. I learned a few skills, such as LaTeX and Maple, which will help me throughout my career. Perhaps the most important aspect of the project was that I gained experience with mathematical research and learned that a career involving research is one I would like to pursue. The project culminated, or rather is culminating, with a research paper of the same title. An abstract can be found here, and a draft of our paper which is to be submitted can be found here. The opportunity to do research as an undergraduate was invaluable, helping me decide what I want to pursue after graduation, and I would recommend it to anyone even remotely considering a career in mathematics.