Project Title:

Middle School Studentsí Intuitive Techniques for Solving Algebraic Word Problems


I have been asked to be part of a research project that will study how middle school students solve word problems.The following are important parts of this project:


            With permission from my parent/guardian and my teacher, I will be working with Ms. Michelle Roehler in a problem-solving session.We will be working at my school in a quiet area free from distractions.I will have my teacherís permission to be away from my class.Ms. Roehler will ask me some questions about math, watch how I solve word problems, and ask me to explain my work for her.

            I will be given three word problems to solve on my own.These problems will not be graded, and I do not have to finish them.If I am stuck, I can ask for help.

            During the entire problem-solving session, there will be a tape recorder recording everything we say.Ms. Roehler will also be taking notes.

            I am allowed to quit any time before or during my problem-solving session.I am not required to participate if I do not want to.

            My name, school, and school district will never be used in this study to protect my confidentiality.

            The results from these sessions will be used to write a report that may be published in the future.



I, ___________________, agree to be part of this research project.I understand what is required of me and that I am allowed to quit at any time.




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