1. Madison has a pocket full of nickels and dimes.She has 4 more dimes than nickels.The total value of the dimes and nickels is $1.15.How many dimes and nickels does she have?


  1. Elinor loves to paint.She paints pictures to sell in her motherís store.She earns $3.00 for her small paintings and $5.00 for her large paintings.
    1. How much money would Elinor earn if she sold 6 large paintings and 11 small paintings?
    2. One Monday, Elinor sold only small paintings.She earned $36.How many small paintings did she sell?
    3. On Tuesday, Elinor sold 3 more large paintings than small paintings.In total, she earned $39.How many of each size painting did she sell?


  1. Arwen wants to plant a tulip garden.To keep out the rabbits, she must set up a fence around the flowerbed.She has 24 feet of fencing.
    1. If Arwen makes a square flowerbed with her fencing, how long will each side be?What is the area of this flowerbed?
    2. In the square flowerbed, Arwen wants to plant 2 tulips for every square foot inside the flowerbed.How many tulips will she plant in the flowerbed from part(a)?
    3. Arwen decided to make the flowerbed a rectangle.She made one side 4 feet longer than the other side.How long is each side of her flowerbed?