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I am a third year graduate student working toward my PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Arizona. I received my BS in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder. When I am not working on my research, I volunteer with a Tucson nonprofit S.Y.STEM Coalition as the VP of Events and dance with Breakout Studios Adult Company.

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The immune system plays a very important role in the success of chemotherapeutic treatments such as the commonly used combination FOLFOX used to treat colorectal cancer. Many modern cancer treatments include an immunogenic effect, where the drug not only kills tumor cells, but induces an increase in the immune response as well. Such treatments are aimed at the adaptive immune system, including regulatory, helper and effector T-cells and dendritic cells, but the innate immune system, in the form of natural killer cells, may also play a key role in immunogenic cell death. Experimental findings show that the drug oxaliplatin may interact with dim natural killer cells in a way that stimulates them to kill more tumor cells. Mathematical modeling provides novel insight into this relationship by distinguishing the tumor cells killed by the drug and those that were killed by natural killer cells stimulated by the drug from experimental data from Siew et al 2015. This model was compared to an independent cell kill model that assumed there is no interaction between the immune system and oxaliplatin: Oxaliplatin Graph This establishes that oxaliplatin does induce immunogenic cell death. Similar interactions are seen between Fluorouracil and MDSCs. A model of the interaction between the immune system and FOLFOX can be used to determine an optimal schedule for treatments for patients with different tumor properties. I am working with Dr. Ardith El-Kareh and Dr. Tim Secomb.


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