Kevin K Lin

Associate Professor
Associate Head, STEM Instruction
Department of Mathematics
The University of Arizona
Office:   Math 606 / 213
(520) 626-6628 / 621-2579
Fax (520) 621-8322

617 N. Santa Rita Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85721-0089

I'm a member of the faculty and an Associate Head in the Department of Mathematics . I'm also affiliated with a number of graduate interdisciplinary programs at UA. My Fall 2019 office hours are

If you'd like to see me but cannot make my office hours, please email or call to make an appointment. Here's my weekly schedule (but keep in mind I travel from time to time).

Research-wise, I'm generally interested in nonlinear dynamics, computing, and applications. Specific current interests include

I'm on the editorial board of the Journal of Computational Dynamics. If you have any questions related to the journal, please feel free to ask.

Research in computational nonlinear dynamics
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Fall 2019
Math 464 Theory of Probability

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