Research Gallery

My work is made possible by continuing support from the National Science foundation through a CAREER Award from the Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) and through the Materials Research in Science and Engineering Center at the University of Chicago that is funded by the Division of Materials Research (DMR). In the past, my work was supported by research grants from the NSF, the Alfred P. Sloan Jr. foundation (1999-2003) and the Office of Naval Research (1995-1996).

I have a short description of my ongoing research here. For a longer description of all my research activities, click here.

The clickable images below relate to some of my research projects.

ridge.png Thin elastic sheets.
cnnct.png Low dimensional ``dynamics'' in blowup for PDE.
subcrit3.jpg Patterns in a model for vibrated granular layers.
pieq4.png Weak convergence in nonconvex variational problems.
charges.png Charges in 2D.
flt_disk.png Unstretchable sheets.
torus.gif Toroidal black holes?
trapped.gif Waves on crumpled sheets.
tfrqhex.jpg Pattern selection in periodically forced systems.
kam.png Transport in 2D flows.
discl_sml.jpg ``Crumpling'' in high dimensions.
oneway.png Dynamical systems with invariant manifolds.


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