“Life is good for only two things, discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics.” -- Siméon Poisson

Letters of Recommendation

Review these guidelines first: https://startnow.arizona.edu/begin-prepare/letters-recommendation.

Timeline for requests: at least 3 weeks in advance of deadline. Talk to me if there is a reason why a last minute request is needed.

Information to provide to me (as early as possible): This information allows me to write a thorough and descriptive letter specific to your application.
    Information about you:
  • Your academic transcript
  • Your extracurricular activities (including research)
  • Your long term academic, professional, and general goals
  • Why you're interested in the program you are applying to
  • What are two of your proudest or memorable accomplishments in the class(es) that you had with me? (beyond getting a decent grade)
    Information on submitting the letter:
  • The program(s) you’re applying to and their deadline(s) (Include links wherever possible. If requesting multiple programs, include a list of the programs & the corresponding deadline.)
  • The recommendation letter guidelines if applicable (or a link for the program)

Follow-up: If I write you a letter of recommendation, please be sure to let me know how your application goes!

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