Unlimited Opportunities

The Department of Mathematics offers unlimited opportunities to acquire valuable skills and to advance the frontiers of knowledge. We carry out internationally recognized research, we offer internationally recognized graduate and undergraduate programs, and we reach out to the Tucson community and beyond to increase understanding and appreciation of the mathematical sciences.


Welcome to the Department of Mathematics!

In the beginning there was mathematics; it has been with us ever since. Math plays a fundamental role in numerous aspects of our daily lives, as well as in broader societal and scientific contexts. Problems always require solutions and that's where math comes in. As a department, it is our goal to create, communicate, and apply mathematics of the highest caliber. UArizona Mathematics is dedicated to creating and maintaining high quality, expansive programs that allow us to give back to not only the mathematics community, but the quality of life within the university, Tucson community, and beyond.

Why Mathematics?

Opportunity Awaits

The Department of Mathematics offers degrees in two different majors: Mathematics and Statistics and Data Science (SDS). We also offer three minor options: Mathematics, Mathematics Teaching, and Statistics and Data Science. At undergraduate level, the Department of Mathematics provides almost 60,000 credit hours of instruction per year and offers its more than 500 majors unparalleled opportunities for research, tutoring experiences, and internships.

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Endless Possibilities

With internationally recognized research across all areas of the mathematical sciences, the Department of Mathematics works to provide unparalleled learning opportunities for its students and faculty. Research specialties include applied mathematics, mathematics education, analysis, algebra and geometry, and probability and statistics.


Graduate Program

Join a tradition of excellence and innovation in mathematics. Our graduate programs provide preparation for a variety of careers in academia and industry, opportunities for financial support, internationally recognized research, and more. The department offers programs leading to the Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees with a major in mathematics. Concentrations are available in pure, applied, or computer mathematics, in mathematics education, or in probability and statistics. As there are no sharp boundaries between these concentrations, students are encouraged to pursue a broad range of mathematical topics.


Members of our faculty participate in a few university-wide interdisciplinary programs:

Applied Mathematics

Statistics and Data Science

The School of Mathematical Sciences