When: Tuesday, 12 - 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (currently 9 AM - 10:30 PM Arizona Time). In the Fall 2021, the seminar will meet on a biweekly schedule, starting on September 21.

Where: Please see the talk abstract for a Zoom link and passcode. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please e-mail Boris Khesin or Anton Izosimov.

Description: This seminar will tentatively be around the topics of geometric mechanics and Hamiltonian dynamics, which includes but is not limited to such topics as geometric fluid dynamics and integrable systems. We would like it to be a working group, so that we all, and in particular students, could ask any questions, get to any detail, rather than to just advertise results. The length of the seminar will be a bit longer than usual, from 1 to 1.5 hours, in order to have time for more questions. We might have weekly or biweekly meetings, depending on the presence of speakers. One important feature will be that undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs could get acquainted with each other and start discussing topics of mutual interest between themselves, beyond the seminar setting.

Upcoming talks

Past talks

Spring 2021:
Fall 2020:
  • December 15 ☆ Vladimir Dragovic, University of Texas at Dallas ☆ Ellipsoidal billiards, extremal polynomials, and combinatorics

  • December 8 ☆ Martin Bauer, Florida State University ☆ Weak and strong Riemannian metrics: theory and examples

  • December 1 ☆ Klas Modin, Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg ☆ Geometry of matrix decompositions seen through optimal transport and information geometry

  • November 24 ☆ Sergei Tabachnikov, Pennsylvania State University ☆ Four equivalent properties of integrable billiards

  • November 17 ☆ Ilia Kirillov, University of Toronto ☆ Classification of coadjoint orbits for symplectomorphism groups of surfaces with boundary

  • November 10 ☆ Danny Nackan, University of Toronto and Yale University ☆ Continuous limits of generalized pentagram maps

  • October 27 ☆ Nicholas Ovenhouse, University of Minnesota ☆ Poisson brackets for Grassmannian pentagram maps

  • October 20 ☆ Quinton Aboud, University of Arizona ☆ The pentagram map and infinitesimal monodromy

  • October 13 ☆ Cheng Yang, University of Toronto ☆ Vortex motion of the Euler and Lake equations

  • September 29 ☆ Francisco Torres de Lizaur, University of Toronto ☆ A characterization of steady Euler flows