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Public-Key Cryptography
Digital Signature Verification


For a list of presentations (and email addresses of the presentors), consult the schedule of individual workshops below.

Introduction to Cryptology:

Geared towards middle and high school students who have not reached Pre-calculus. This workshop does not prepare students for the public-key cryptography workshop.

Introduction to Cryptology (with an eye towards public-key cryptography):

For students in Pre-calculus or beyond. This workshop is a prerequisite for the workshop on public-key cryptography.

Public-Key Cryptography and Digital Signature Verification:

For students in Pre-calculus or beyond. Students must have first participated in the introductory workshop above. (A short document describing the prerequisite material is available in two formats: TeX DVI or Postscript.)


Interesting Webpages related to Cryptology

Software, handouts, overhead slides from the workshops:

A lot of material is missing. If you are looking for something specific from one of the workshops, please send email to Alexander Perlis, aprl\ . (Note: Please do let me know if you are looking for something. We would like to get everything on this website, but this is a volunteer effort, so we may not be adding things in the order in which people out there are looking for them. We need to know what you want.)

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