Research Centers

Math Research Centers


There are two externally funded research centers affiliated with the department and linked below.  Mirroring the breadth of the department's research efforts, these centers focus on very distinct areas of the mathematical sciences:  one emphasizes very abstract, curiosity-driven research in arithmetic geometry, while the other emphasizes highly applied questions in non-linear partial differential equations.

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Southwest Center for Arithmetic Geometry (SWC)

The Southwest Center for Arithmetic Geometry is funded by the National Science Foundation, with additional support provided by the National Security Agency. The most important activities of the center are the annual Arizona Winter School (AWS), held in March at the University of Arizona, and the Preliminary Arizona Winter School (PAWS), a virtual Fall program on topics related to the upcoming AWS, with an intended audience of advanced undergraduate students and junior graduate students. Winter Schools are organized in collaboration with the Clay Mathematics Institute.


Arizona Center for Mathematical Sciences (ACMS)

The primary goal of ACMS is to provide an environment for research and learning in the Mathematical Sciences. Its basic research themes are the modeling, understanding and applicability of nonlinear processes in optics, fluids, neural networks, and random distributed systems with continuing investigations into pattern dynamics, percolation, behavior of lattice gasses, nonlinear stability, low dimensional chaos, turbulence, dynamical systems and the nature of integrable systems of differential equations.


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