Funded Research

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Funded Research

As a department, we work hard to support the ever growing need for the power of math and the financial support received by many of our faculty reflect this effort. A good number of UArizona faculty are supported grants and contracts from external agencies with totals averaging millions of dollars per year! The undergraduate, graduate, and GIDP programs have been awarded two 5-year, $3.5 million VIGRE training grants from the National Science Foundation, a distinction very few programs in the country can match. 

Who is supporting UArizona Math?

Faculty Member
Expiration Date
Collaborative Research: Parents, Teachers, and Multilingual Children Collaborating on Mathematics Together National Science Foundation Marta Civil 5/31/2025
DARPA Chikungunya Challenge Prize Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Joceline C. Lega 06/30/2025
Teacher Education for Equitable Mathematics Instruction: An Exploratory Study of Noyce Program Impacts National Science Foundation Rebecca H. Mcgraw 06/30/2024
Mathematics of Self-Assembled Materials National Science Foundation Karl B. Glasner 7/31/2024
RTG: Applied Mathematics and Statistics for Data-Driven Discovery National Science Foundation Kevin Lin 3/31/2025
Collaborative Research: Exploring the Impact of Noyce Master Teaching Fellowship Programs on Teacher Retention: The Role of Motivation, Leadership, and School-Work Environment National Science Foundation Rebecca H. Mcgraw 9/30/2024
Anti-Deficit Learning and Teaching: A Community Learning Project Centering Race, Gender, and Mathematics National Science Foundation Aditya Adiredja 9/30/2024
Collaborative Research: GCR: Collective Behavior and Patterning of Topological Defects: from String Theory to Crystal Plasticity National Science Foundation Shankar C. Venkataramani 9/30/2025
Project Outreach FAMILIA (Forwarding Academic Mechanisms Integral to Learning in the Academy) United States Department of Education Guadalupe I. Lozano 9/30/2024
Collaborative Research: The Physical Biology of Leaves in Wind and Waves National Science Foundation Laura Miller 9/30/2024
Conformal Field Theories in Holography and String Theory National Science Foundation Christoph A. Keller 8/31/2024
LEAPS-MPS: Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Non-Linear Integro-Differential Boundary Value Problems in Magnetic Plasma Confinement National Science Foundation Tonatiuh Sanchez-Vizuet 8/31/2024
NSF-BSF: Nonlinearity, Randomness, and Dynamics: Vistas into the Extreme Mechanics of Non-Euclidean sheets National Science Foundation Shankar C. Venkataramani 8/31/2024
Novel Methods for Numerical Simulation of Wave Propagation in Inhomogeneous Media National Science Foundation Lise-Marie Imbert-Gerard 8/31/2024
Nonlinearity in Reaction-Diffusion and Kinetic Equations National Science Foundation Christopher Henderson 5/31/2025
The Gan--Gross--Prasad Conjecture: Archimedean Theory National Science Foundation Hang Xue 7/31/2025
Conference: Southwest Center for Arithmetic Geometry National Science Foundation Hang Xue 8/31/2025
Collaborative Research: MUCUS: Measuring and Understanding the Cassiopea Use of Space National Science Foundation Laura Miller 12/31/2025
Iwasawa theory of class group schemes in characteristic $p$ National Science Foundation Bryden R. Cais 4/30/2026
Statistical Methods for Response Process Data National Science Foundation Xueying Tang 7/31/2026
Collaborative Research: AMPS: Rare Events in Power Systems: Novel Mathematics, Statistics and Algorithms. National Science Foundation Michael Chertkov 7/31/2025
Collaborative Research: CDS&E-MSS: Community Detection via Covariance Structures National Science Foundation Ning Hao 8/31/2026
IGE: Integrating Data Science into the Applied Mathematics PhD: Generalized Skills for Non-Academic Careers National Science Foundation Michael Chertkov 9/30/2026
Quasi-Trefftz Methods for Problems Governed by Vector-Valued Partial Differential Equation United States Department of Energy Lise-Marie Imbert-Gerard 6/30/2024
Identifying Superior Mango Varieties for Improving Mango Production and Consumption in the US Through Genomic and Phenomic Tools University of Florida Yue Niu 8/31/2024
CNCS AmeriCorps State Competitive Fixed Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family GOYFF Melissa Hosten 8/31/2024
Physics Informed Machine Learning of Turbulence in Lagrangian Framework Los Alamos National Laboratory Michael Chertkov 9/30/2024
Collaborative Research: Using Uncertainty Quantification and Validated Computational Models to Analyze Pumping Performance of Valveless, Tubular Hearts Chapman University Laura Miller 4/30/2025
Getting REAL Office of the Arizona Governor Melissa Hosten 8/01/2024
Reinforcement Learning for Particle Accelerators Los Alamos National Laboratory Michael Chertkov 4/22/2025
Scalable Methods in High Dimensional Statistical Learning Simons Foundation Ning Hao 8/31/2024
Orbifold Vertex Operator Algebras for Holography Simons Foundation Christoph A. Keller 8/31/2024
Arithmetic Geometry Simons Foundation Douglas L. Ulmer 8/31/2025
CRR-ADE Partnership 2020-2021 Arizona Department of Education Melissa Hosten 9/30/2024
Hidden Symmetries and Fusion Energy Simons Foundation Lise-Marie Imbert-Gerard 8/31/2025
Sunnyside IGA Sunnyside Unified School District Melissa Hosten 6/30/2025
Monopoles: Constructions and Moduli Spaces Simons Foundation Sergey Cherkis 8/31/2028
Data Driven Modeling and Analysis of Chaotic and Stochastic Dynamics Simons Foundation Kevin Lin 8/31/2028
TUSD/CRR IGA Tucson Unified School District Melissa Hosten 6/30/2026
Automorphic Forms, L-Functions, and Relative Langlands Program American Mathematical Society Pan Yan 6/30/2025
TRIF NSS-CYBER FY24 Rychlik Award UArizona’s Research, Innovation & Impact Marek R. Rychlik 6/01/2024
Novel Model Development for Material Systems: Data-driven Algorithms and Interacting Particle Methods National Science Foundation Karl Glasner 7/31/2027
Focused Next Steps for Behavioral and Physiological Response Studies with Social Delphinids off Southern California Southall Environmental Associates, Inc. Henry Scharf December 2025


A gift to the Department of Mathematics is an investment in the future of mathematics education, research, and outreach to the Tucson community and beyond. Donations support our mission to contribute to the growing need for the power of mathematical sciences across all fields. It’s this support that allows UArizona Mathematics to drive potential and grow opportunity.