Placement & Transfer Credit

Placement & Transfer Credit


The purpose of our placement process is to determine, based on your mathematical background and current mathematical ability, which MATH courses are appropriate for you.

Math Placement Overview

Each major at the University of Arizona has a specific foundations MATH course requirement set by the major which generally requires taking at least one Math course, or having credit for a particular UA math course.  You can view these requirements by major in the Catalog Advisement Reports.

In order to register for a MATH course, you must satisfy the course's prerequisite and eligibility criteria.  This can be done through one of the following, depending on the course:

  • UA MATH course prerequisites
  • Approved and recent Math transfer credit 
  • UA Math Placement Test scores (PPL) 
  • SAT I MSS or ACT MATH scores (first year students only)

Many courses outside of MATH use math placement test scores or math credit for registration. 

Incoming students are encouraged to view information about Math Placement in their Next Steps Center. 

Find out more through the information below: 

Students can qualify for a math course or satisfy a foundation math requirement through a course from a transfer college or university, dual enrollment, or credit by exam from AP, IB, Cambridge, CLEP, or other exam credits.

Find out more HERE. 

Incoming students, or students who do not have recent college math credit can take the PPL Assessment to try to qualify for a Math course.  Find out more HERE.

Find out all of the SAT/ACT scores (first year students only), UArizona math or transfer prerequisites for first and second year courses that have math placement requirements HERE.

Math Enrollment Help 

If you believe you have met a course registration requirement for a math course or courses that uses math placement, but are not able to register, you may need to contact us. 

Our online form at Contact the Math Placement Office is the best form of contact for quickest assistance. Click HERE for more information. 


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