The University of Arizona

Postdoc Funding Request

Section 1: General Information

Your request will be evaluated by the department in the context of your professional development, whether you have sought external funding, and how you used any funds previously allocated to you.

Section 2: Budget Information

For travel requests, describe the purpose, destination, and duration of the trip; also indicate whether you are a session organizer and whether you will give an invited or contributed talk (or poster). For all other funding requests (e.g. undergraduate student support or funding for a visitor), include a brief description of the research project or proposed activity below.

For travel requests, provide separate estimates of cost of travel, accommodation, conference registration, and per diem. For other requests, include hourly compensation rates, ERE costs, honoraria, etc. Please upload a spreadsheet or a text file with this information below.

Explain how supporting the proposed activities will benefit your professional development. If the proposed activities also support the mission of the department (e.g. you want to run a mini-symposium at a national meeting, talk to potential students or postdoctoral applicants, or do outreach to the profession and the community), please comment on this aspect of your request below.