The Center of Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers (CRR) at the University of Arizona is working to attract, develop, and support mathematics teachers through innovative programs, retaining high quality teachers in mathematics education.

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The Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers at the University of Arizona was created in August, 2001 to address the shortage of qualified mathematics teachers at the middle and high school levels. Its goals are to retain mathematics teachers currently in the field and to attract mathematically talented college students to the teaching profession. Towards this end the Center coordinates several projects, including a program for new teachers (Induction Program), a tutoring project to attract college students into mathematics education, teacher workshops, and an annual Mathematics Educator's Appreciation Day Conference for teachers, grades K-14.

CRR's Vision

The CRR's Vision is an excellent mathematics teacher for every child.

CRR's Mission

The CRR’s Mission is to attract, develop, and support new mathematics teachers, and engage current mathematics teachers in re-imagining mathematics learning through innovative programs, retaining high-quality teachers in mathematics education.

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Improving Mathematical Problem solving, Agency, & student-Centered instruction for K-8 Teachers and Students (IMPACTS K-8)

The IMPACTS Program focuses on developing teacher confidence and capability with K-8 mathematics, while also supporting opportunities for teacher leadership.

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The New Teacher Induction Program for Secondary Mathematics supports middle and high school teachers new to mathematics education. First and second year mathematics teachers are invited to participate. Experienced teachers who will be teaching secondary mathematics for the first time are also invited to apply.

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Student Thinking Enrichment through Mathematics Mentors-an AmeriCorps Program

Our program's goal is to provide FREE mathematics mentoring and tutoring to Arizona school children, especially in communities underrepresented in STEM. We provide these services via mentoring in person at schools, providing in person support during classroom instruction, and offering tutoring Monday through Sunday year-round over zoom. 

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