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Statistics & Data Science Major Course Requirements


Both the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Statistics & Data Science require the same set of supporting and core coursework. A minor in any subject outside the math department is required with this major.

The information and requirements given here apply to the 2023–2024 catalog. For other catalog years, please consult the archive.

Catalog Requirements

The Academic Advising Report (ADVIP) gives complete degree requirements:

Note: this program was brand new for Fall 2018. All SDS majors are expected to meet with an advisor in the Math Center at least once a semester.

Supporting Python Programming Course Requirement

All SDS majors are required to complete a computer programming course in Python, regardless of the degree selected. Beginning in Spring 2023, enrollment in DATA 363 will require completion of a Python programming course, so students have programming background to help them pick up R and to ensure they are getting Python experience along the way. Choose one course:(*)

(*)Either CSC 110 or ISTA 130 is recommended for most students; CSC 120 or CSC 250 will also satisfy the requirement if available. As an alternative, qualified students may complete both ECE 175 AND BE 205.

Supporting Data Management/SQL Requirement

SDS graduates applying for jobs will find that SQL and Data Management skills are important. Beginning in Fall 2023, enrollment in DATA 363 will require completion or concurrent enrollment in a course that teaches SQL and Data Management. These skills will be helpful as students work on their projects in DATA 363. Take one course:

prerequisite flowchart for SDS major (click image for downloadable PDF)

Core Courses


(1)MATH 122A and MATH 122B are a single-semester sequence of courses that cover Calculus I. 

(2) Either MATH 313 or MATH 310 may be used to fulfill this requirement in the SDS major. However, please note that 310 has a prerequisite of MATH 254, and we are not currently offering 310 at UA. Students who completed MATH 215 prior to fall 2015 or who have transfer credit equivalent to MATH 215 will still fulfill this requirement, though they will not earn upper-division credit for the course.

(3) DATA 375 was offered for the first time in Spring 2019; hereafter it will be offered every fall and spring semester. 

(4) DATA 467 was offered for the first time Fall 2019; it is offered each fall semester in-person and beginning with 2022, we plan to offer it online in spring semesters (provided there is sufficient demand). 

(5) DATA 498A was offered for the first time in Spring 2020; hereafter it will be offered every spring semester.


prerequisite flowchart for SDS major (click image for downloadable PDF)

Statistics & Data Science Major Elective Courses

The SDS major requires one upper-division elective course. The current courses that will be accepted toward this requirement are listed below. More course options may be added as the program grows; see your academic advisor for details.

Course options:



(*)DATA 396T and 496T are special topics courses. When available, they will usually be offered in spring, and topics covered will vary. Consult our website for details and availability.
(**)One semester of DATA 498H (Honors Thesis) may be used toward SDS major requirements. Enrollment is restricted to students in the Franke Honors College; consult your Honors advisor for details and to create a plan for graduating with honors. 
For an example of how to order your coursework to heed prerequisites and meet all degree requirements, please consult the sample 4-year plans. You will develop an individualized plan in consultation with your faculty advisor.  Students planning to enroll in three MATH/DATA courses in a single semester are advised to talk to their math department faculty advisor before finalizing their schedule. The Math Department requires that students enrolling in four or more MATH/DATA courses for a single term obtain permission from their math department faculty advisor.  Note that special courses like Supplemental Instruction, Workshops, Teaching Assistantship enrollment, and Pedagogy courses for the Secondary Math Education Program are not counted toward this limit.