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Policies and Procedures

Below you can find a list of policies and procedures that apply to all Mathematics and Statistics & Data Science (SDS) majors. For questions please email

Additional information on policies and procedures can be found on the Advising Resource Center.

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Departmental Double Use of Courses Policies

In choosing your combination of majors and minors, keep in mind the following restrictions on double use of courses within the Mathematics Department's programs:

Multiple use of courses between the Mathematics or Statistics & Data Science (SDS) Major or Minor and a second major from another department is permitted, provided the other major does not restrict multiple use of courses.  Students with a double major or double degree in MATH and SDS must complete at least 21 units in each major that are not applied to the other major. 

Please note:

  • A double minor in MATH and SDS is not permitted.
  • Students majoring in SDS or MATH must select a minor outside of the department.
    • Exception: A minor is optional for students in the Education emphasis of the MATH major.
  • Major coursework for students majoring in MATH or SDS may not be applied to any minors with the following exceptions:
    • The SDS or MATH Minor may fulfill a minor requirement in a Second Degree.
    • In the same degree, a MATH Minor may be added as the second minor under the SDS Major. At least 6 upper-division units in the MATH minor must not overlap with the SDS major. 
    • In the same degree, a SDS Minor may be added as the second minor under the MATH Major. At least 6 upper-division units in the SDS minor must not overlap with the MATH major. 


Mid Career Writing Assessment

Every undergraduate degree program at the University of Arizona requires satisfaction of the MCWA. A grade of A or B in ENGL 102, ENGL 108 (for ESL students), or ENGL 109H (for honors students) will satisfy the requirement. If you earn less than a B in this second-semester composition course, you have several options for completing the MCWA. You may:

  • repeat your second-semester English course (with GRO, if eligible) and earn at least a B, or
  • complete ENGL 307, 308, or 313 with a grade of at least D.

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