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About the Math Placement Test (PPL Assessment) 

The PPL Assessment is an online proctored assessment that places students into all courses at or below the level of Calculus I (Math 122A/B, 125).  It can be taken on your own computer or laptop, at whichever time is convenient to you.

We encourage all students to take the PPL Placement Assessment; however, if you have recent transfer math credit, you may be able to use a transfer math course for placement into a UA MATH course.

Incoming first year students can qualify for courses through recent sufficient SAT I MSS or ACT MATH scores. Check your Next Steps Center to access the PPL Assessment.

If you have already taken the PPL Assessment, or have reviewed the PPL information, you can proceed to the PPL Assessment here.


It is a 25 question, 60-90 minute assessment, but students have up to 3 hours to complete it. You cannot save and come back to the test, you must complete it in one sitting. Problems must be done in order. Once you complete the assessment (or run out of time on the 3 hour time limit), your score is final.

Scores are processed daily on the hour from 5 am to 10pm, but not immediately.  Click the link to see where you can view your scores.

Scores expire after 1 year for entry into courses at or above the level of Math 108/112.  

For Math 106, 107, and courses outside the Math Department, scores expire after 2 years. 

This test is proctored using Respondus Monitor. Take the assessment as if you are taking an in-person proctored test. A webcam and microphone are required. The session is recorded and reviewed. Students are expected to adhere to the UA Code of Conduct while taking the assessment. Use of any prohibited materials (phone, websites, un-approved calculator, persons, textbooks, notes, etc.) will be reported to the Dean of Students, as will any suspicious behavior while taking the assessment. This will result in an invalidated score on the assessment.

You can use an approved calculator, blank scratch paper and a writing utensil. No other materials, persons, websites, etc. are allowed. TI-83 or 84 calculators are recommended. If you use a different calculator, check here to make sure it is allowed. Calculator models that use symbolic manipulation are not allowed, and the use of such a calculator will result in a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and an invalidated test score.

If you do not have access to a computer, limited In Person Testing is available. Contact the Math Placement Office to schedule an in-person testing session in the Mathematics Building of the University of Arizona campus.

You can find the PPL scores required for MATH and other courses HERE.

Access the PPL Assessment HERE. 

You can find more FAQs HERE.


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