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2023-2024 Course Placement Chart 

 In order to register for a math course, you must satisfy the course's prerequisite and eligibility criteria. 

  • For MATH courses at or below the level of calculus I (Math 122A/B or 125), students can qualify through sufficient test scores from SAT/ACT (first year students only), the PPL Assessment (Math Placement test), the Math 100 final (MCLG), or recent prerequisites (transfer prerequisites must be less than 2 years old). 
  • PPL and SAT/ACT scores for math placement expire after 1 year except for Math 106 and 107 (expire after 2 years). 
  • For courses at or above the level of Calculus II (Math 129), prerequisite courses/credit are required.  Test scores are not used. 

NOTE: The short chart below provides minimum test scores, prerequisites, and/or transfer credits required for the most common MATH classes. These scores are subject to change at the discretion of the Department of Mathematics.  

short placement chart

Additional Placement Information
  • Find Math 100 (MCLG) final exam placement test scores and how they work HERE. 
  • Find information about math placement for registration into CSC, CHEM, ISTA, MCB, PHYS, SBS, and other courses, as well as other MATH courses on the placement chart below:

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