Transfer or Exam Credit

Transfer or Exam Credit

Transfer Math Credit

Follow the steps below if you have college math credit, or want to see if a college math course will transfer to UArizona. Many courses or exams (credit by exam) automatically award UA credit.

STEP 1: 

Check to see if your course automatically transfers to UArizona for credit using the links below. 

STEP 2: 

If your course or exam is not listed as automatically transferring, or your course has already transferred in as 3 or more units of Math 1tr or Math 3tr, submit an evaluation form using the links below. 

Does a course I've already completed satisfy a UArizona MATH course?

Transfer Courses Evaluation Form

Does a course that I want to take satisfy a UArizona MATH course?
Pre-Approval Form
Notes on the evaluation process:
  • We complete evaluations as quickly as we can, but some may take up to two weeks to complete.
  • You will need to provide links to ALL Math (and Statistics if applicable) course descriptions, not just the description of the course that you took or want to take. Failure to provide this will delay your evaluation.
  • Online Courses: Online, correspondence, or distance learning courses are NOT approved unless ALL exams are proctored and proctored exams account for more than 50% of the overall grade. In the Evaluation Form, you will need to provide the course syllabus, with grading policy and exam policy, stating that ALL exams are proctored, not just the final exam.  
  • Registration: In order to qualify for courses at or below the level of UA Calculus I, students need a recent prerequisite (less that 2 years old), or a sufficient PPL Assessment score. FY students can use SAT/ACT scores during their first year only.  

STEP 3: 

Is your credit in the UArizona system?

  • Follow these instructions to check your transfer credit report.
  • If your credit is NOT shown in the UArizona system, send an unofficial transcript to the Math Placement Office.
    • Make sure you have sent an official transcript to UArizona.  


General Transfer Credit FAQs

Recent Transfer credit may be used for placement into UA Math courses. Students also need to have official transcripts or scores sent to the UA Office of the Registrar.

For entry into MATH courses at or below the level of calculus I (Math 122B/125), your transfer prerequisite must be less than 2 years old.

For courses above the level of calculus I, credit can be older than 2 years, but you may want to review.  

Find out what your transfer math course allows you to take next HERE. 

If you believe that you have met a Math course registration requirement, but cannot register, contact the Placement Office.

Credit Hours - The Math Department does not determine the number of credits that transfer in from a particular institution. Questions regarding this should be directed to the Office of Registrar.

Quarter system units are converted to semester units by multiplying the units by 2/3.

Regular semester course from the U.S. should transfer with the same credits.

International credits vary by institution.

Find more FAQs HERE




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