Qiudong Wang


Department of Mathematics, The University of Arizona.


  • Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 1994.
  • B.S., Nanjing University, China, 1982.
  • Selected List of Papers

  • Non-dominance of the Melnikov Function: an Example
    Preprint (2021) [pdf file]
  • (With Ali Oksasoglu) High Order Melnikov Method: Pendulums
    Preprint (2021) [pdf file]
  • Exponentially Small Splitting: A Direct Approach
    JDE Vol. 269(1) (2020) 954-1036 [pdf file]
  • (With Fengjuan Chen) High Order Melnikov Method: Theory and Application
    JDE Vol. 267(2) (2019), 1095-1128 [pdf file]
  • (With K. Lu and L.-S. Young) Strange attractors for periodically forced parabolic equations
    AMS Memoirs Vol. 224, no. 1054 (2013) [pdf file]
  • (With William Ott) Dissipative Homoclinic Loops of Two-Dimensional Maps and Strange Attractors with One Direction of Instability
    CPAM 64(11) (2011) 1439-1496 [pdf file]
  • (With Ali Oksasoglu) Dynamics of Homoclinic Tangles in Periodically Perturbed Second Order Equations
    JDE 250(2011) 710-751 [pdf file]
  • (With Kening Lu) Chaotic Behavior in Differential Equations Driven by a Nonautonomous Force
    Nonlinearity 23(2010), 2935-2975 [pdf file]
  • (With L.-S. Young) Toward a Theory of Rank One Attractors
    Annals. Math. 167 (2008), 349-480 [pdf file]
  • (With L.-S. Young) Strange Attractors with One Direction of Instability
    Commun. Math. Physics 218(2001)1, 1-97 [pdf file]
  • (with C. McCord and K.R.Meyer) The Integral Manifold of the Three-body Problem
    AMS Memoirs Vol 132 no. 628 (1998)
  • The Global Solution of N-body Problem
    Celest. Mech. 50 (1991) p73-88
  • Expositories:

  • On the Homoclinic Tangles of Henry Poincare
    Preprint (2018) [preprint ]
  • On the Theory of Chaotic Rank One Attractors
    Scholarpedia 6(10):9380 (2011) [pdf file]
  • (With Ali Oksasoglu) Rank One Chaos: Theory and Applications
    Int. J. Bifurc. Chaos 18(5) (2008), 1261-1319 [pdf file]
  • Power Series Solutions and Integral Manifold of the N-body Problem
    Reg. Chaot. Dyn. 6(4)(2001), 433-442 [pdf file | ps file ]
  • Full List of Papers and Publications by Subject:

  • High Order Melnikov Method. Click Here
  • Homoclinic Tangles. Click Here
  • Strange Attractors. Click Here
  • Circuit Systems. Click Here
  • The N-body Problem. Click Here
  • Twist Maps. Click Here

  • Teaching:

    Math 454 Section 001, Spring 2020.
  • General Information For Math 454 Section 001
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  • Lecture Notes:

  • Lecture Notes on Dynamical Systems Click Here
  • Lecture Notes on Homoclinic Tangles Click Here
  • Lecture Notes on Rankone Chaos Click Here
  • Talk on High Order Melnikov Method Click Here
  • Talk on Homoclinic Tangles Click Here
  • Miscellaneous

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