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Cynthia Anhalt Preparation of Mathematics Majors to Become Highly Qualified Mathematics Teachers Award Number: 1557255 NSF 05/31/2021
Cynthia Anhalt Western Regional Noyce Alliance Award Number: 1745263  San Francisco State University- NSF Subcontract 03/31/2021
Jason Aubrey Collaborative Research: Mathematics of Doing, Understanding, Learning and Educating for Secondary Schools Award Number: 1726098 NSF 08/31/2022
Rabindra Bhattacharya Nonparametric Statistical Image Analysis: Theory and Applications Award Number: 1811317 NSF 04/30/2021
Rabindra Bhattacharya   Nonparametric Statistics and Riemannian Geometry in Image Analysis: New Perspectives with Applications in Biology, Medicine, Neuroscience and Machine Vision Award Number: 1406872 NSF 07/31/2017
Rabindra Bhattacharya   Collaborative Research: New directions in nonparametric inference on manifolds with applications to shapes and images Award Number: 1107053 NSF 07/30/2015
Moysey Brio Applications of Adaptive Meshes and Transformation Optics to Maxwell Solvers ASU – NSF Subcontract 08/31/2015
Moysey Brio Invisible Cloaking and Local Mesh Refinement: Novel Applications of Transformation Optics ASU – NSF Subcontract 12/31/2014
Bryden Cais Arizona Winter School in Arithmetic Geometry Award Number: 1504537 NSF 08/31/2019
Bryden Cais Southwest Center for Arithmetic Geometry Winter School Award Number: 1763675 NSF 08/31/2019
Bryden Cais Integral p-adic Hodge Theory and Geometry Award Number: 359991  Simons Foundation 08/31/2020
Paul Carter Patterns and Bifurcations in Multiple Timescale Dynamical Systems Award Number: 1815315 NSF 07/31/2021
Sergey Cherkis From Integrable Systems to Hyperkaehler Geometry via String Theory  Simons Foundation  
James Cushing  Collaborative Research: Climate Change, Cannibalism, and Reproductive Synchrony: The Effect of Food Shortages on Life History Strategies of Marine Organisms Award Number: 1407564 NSF 08/31/2019
Bin Dong Collaborative Research: Wavelet Frames for Variational Models in Imaging: Bridging Discrete and Continuum Award Number: 1418772 NSF 07/31/2017
Nicholas Ercolani Random Structures and Integrable Systems: Analysis and Applications Award Number: 1615921 NSF 08/31/2019
Nicholas Ercolani Models and Asymptotics of Non-equilibrium Steady States in Driven Diffusive Systems Award Number: 1212167 NSF 08/31/2016
Ibrahim Fatkullin CAREER: Defects and singularities in liquid crystalline and bacterial systems Award Number: 1056471 NSF 06/30/2016
Karl Glasner Self-Assembly of Block Copolymer Materials Award Number: 1514689 NSF 07/31/2019
David Glickenstein FRG: Collaborative Research: Geometric and Topological Methods for Analyzing Shapes Award Number: 1760538 NSF 07/31/2021
David Glickenstein  CAREER: Discrete and Generalized Riemannian Geometry and Curvature Flows Award Number: 0748283 NSF 04/30/2016
Ning Hao Scalable Methods in High Dimensional Statistical Learning Simons Foundation 08/31/2022
Thomas Kennedy Conformal invariance and the renormalization group in some critical systems Award Number: 1500850 NSF 05/31/2019
Leonid Kunyansky Inverse Problems Arising in Novel Modalities of Biomedical Imaging Award Number: 1814592 NSF 07/31/2021
Leonid Kunyansky Collaborative research: Mathematics of emerging imaging methods in medicine and homeland security Award Number: 1211521 NSF 07/31/2017 
Joceline Lega "NEW: GK-12" Graduate Students and Teacher Engaging in Mathematical Sciences (G-Teams) Award Number: 0841234 NSF 07/31/2015
Brandon Levin

Models for Galois deformations

Simons Foundation 08/31/2023
Kevin Lin

CDS&E-MSS: Predictive Modeling and Data-Driven Closure of Chaotic and Noisy Dynamics in Discrete Time Award Number: 1821286

NSF 07/31/2021
Kevin Lin

Computational Nonlinear Dynamics: Variance Reduction Methods and Numerical Studies of Large, Chaotic, and Noisy Systems

Award Number: 1418775

NSF 07/31/2018 
Guadalupe Lozano DCL:HSI: Exploring how peer-collaborative math problem-solving courses and mentoring affect performance/persistence for HSI 2-year college and 4-year college transfer students Award Number: 1644899 NSF 08/31/2019
Guadalupe Lozano HSI Conference: Transforming STEM Education in Hispanic Serving Institutions - Regional Insights from the Southwest Award Number: 1748526 NSF 08/31/2019
Daniel Madden Kenneth T-R Mclaughlin Alliance for Building Faculty Diversity in the Mathematical Sciences Award Number: 0946431 NSF Subcontract with North Carolina State University 02/28/2018
William McCallum Unit Blueprints – Middle School Hewlett Foundation  
William McCallum Unit Blueprints – High School Hewlett Foundation  
Rebecca Mcgraw Teacher Education for Equitable Mathematics Instruction: An Exploratory Study of Noyce Program Impacts Award Number: 1758401 NSF 06/30/2018
Matthias Morzfeld Feature-Based Data Assimilation and Uncertainty Quantification for Complex Systems in Science and Engineering NSF 07/31/2019
Matthias Morzfeld Localization for Particle Filters Award Number: N00173-17-2-C003 NRL 12/01/2019
Matthias Morzfeld Reduced-Scale Modeling and Data Assimilation for Decadal-Scale Forecasts of the Geomagnetic Field Award Number: 80NSSC18K1351 NASA 08/31/2019
Matthias Morzfeld Bayesian Inversion for High-Powered X-Ray Imaging Systems (Task No 1 of 2) Award Number: 180963 National Security Technologies, LLC 09/30/2018
Matthias Morzfeld 2016 Sloan Foundation Fellowship Award Number: FG-2016-6496 Sloan Foundation 09/14/2020
Aubrey Neihaus Research Plan to Study the Efficacy of the Intel Math Program in the Chandler School District Intel Foundation  
Aubrey Neihaus Continuation of the Revision of the Intel Math Curriculum Intel Foundation  
Alan Newell Phyllotactic patterns and pattern quarks and leptons Award Number: 1308862 NSF 06/30/2018
Yue Niu Collaborative Research: Scalable and Flexible Algorithms to Detect Structural Change in Complex Sequence Data Award Number: 1722691 NSF 06/30/2020
Yue Niu An Integrated Approach to the Accelerated Development of Rootstocks that Impart HLB Tolerance to Trees Grafted with Commercial Scions Award Number: UFDSP00011766 University of Florida- United States Department of Agriculture Subcontract 03/14/2022
Yue Niu Identifying Superior Mango Varieties for Improving Mango Production and Consumption in the US Through Genomic and Phenomic Tools Award Number: UFDSP00012276 University of Florida- United States Department of Agriculture Subcontract 08/31/2022
Cody Patterson Southern Arizona Inducting New Teachers (SAINT) US Dept of Education  
David Savitt CAREER: p-adic and mod p Galois representations Award Number: 1054032 NSF  
Sunder Sethuraman Scaling Limits in Stochastic Systems Award Number: 562978 Simons Foundation 07/31/2019
Sunder Sethuraman Large Scale Dynamics and Geometry in Stochastic Systems Award Number: W911NF1810311  United States Army Contracting Command 12/08/2018
Sunder Sethuraman Scaling Limits in Stochastic Interacting Systems US Army  
Romyar Sharifi Arizona Winter School Award Number: 1161523 NSF 09/30/2016 
Romyar Sharifi Selmer groups and the arithmetic of modular symbols Award Number: 1401122  NSF 10/31/2016 
Romyar Sharifi FRG: Collaborative Research: Chern classes in Iwasawa Theory Award Number: 1360583 NSF 06/30/2017 
Romyar Sharifi Selmer Groups and Modular Symbols NSA  
Romyar Sharifi Modular Symbols in Iwasawa Theory Simons Foundation  
Robert Sims Arizona School of Analysis and Mathematical Physics Award Number: 1800724 NSF 12/31/2018
Robert Sims Many-Body Quantum Systems Simons Foundation  
Pham Tiep Representations of Finite Groups and Applications Award Number: 1201374 NSF 07/31/2018 
Pham Tiep Group Representations and Applications Simons Foundation  
Douglas Ulmer Arithmetic of Abelian Varieties over Function Fields Simons Foundation 08/31/2020
Shankar Venkataramani Rough Solutions in Geometry, Physics and Mechanics Award Number: 524875 Simons Foundation 08/31/2022
Shankar Venkataramani Exotic Continua: Geometry, Topology, Dynamics and Growth in Soft Matter Award Number: 560103 Simons Foundation 06/30/2019
Shankar Venkataramani Collaborative Research: Lagrangian data blending for hurricane tracking and source estimation Award Number: 1109856 NSF 09/30/2015 
Shankar Venkataramani Collaborative Research: A Lagrangian Description of Breaking Ocean Surface Waves from Laboratory Measurements and Stochastic Parameterizations. Award Number: 1434198 NSF 03/31/2015 
Joseph Watkins Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program Graduate Fellowship Award Number: 693JJ31845080 Federal Highway Administration 08/31/2018
Janek Wehr Mathematics ofNoise and Disorder in Classical and Quantum Systems Award Number: 1615045 NSF 07/31/2019
Janek Wehr Mathematics of Noisy and Disordered Systems Award Number: 1312711 NSF 08/31/2016 
Hang Xue Periods and special values of L-functions Award Number: 585759 Simons Foundation 08/31/2023
Vladimir Zakharov Spectra of Linear Differential Operators and Turbulence in Integrable Systems Award Number: 1715323 NSF 07/31/2020
Vladimir Zakharov Collaborative Research: Deterministic and Statistics Theory of Wind Driven Sea of Finite Depth Award Number: 1130450 NSF 07/31/2015 
Vladimir Zakharov Extreme Water Waves BSF  
Hao Zhang TRIPODS: UA-TRIPODS - Building Theoretical Foundations for Data Sciences Award Number: 1740858 NSF 08/31/2020
Hao Zhang Molecular and Imaging Assessment of Fallopian Tube Health Award Number: 1R21CA229707-01 National Cancer Institute 08/31/2019
Hao Zhang Flexible Modeling for High-Dimensional Complex Data: Theory, Methodology, and Computation Award Number: 1309507 NSF 06/30/2017 
Hao Zhang ABI Innovation: Gini-based methodologies to enhance network-scale transcriptome analysis in plants Award Number: 1261830 NSF 08/31/2016