The University of Arizona

Application and Admission Procedure

The application process is entirely electronic through the UA Graduate College website. The deadline to submit all application materials is January 1, 2023This deadline is not absolutely firm and can be stretched in some cases. Please contact the graduate coordinator for more information.

On the graduate online application, you will be required to submit online the following items:

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Once the electronic Graduate College application is completed, the application file is reviewed by the Mathematics Department Graduate Committee. Completion of the application requires payment of the application fee to the Graduate College. If you are affiliated with a federally sponsored program serving under-represented students, you are eligible for a Graduate College Application Fee Waiver


Applied Mathematics

If you are interested in applied mathematics, please be aware that the administrative offices for the Department of Mathematics and the Program in Applied Mathematics are separate and independent. You can study applied mathematics in either program—see our “Which degree?” page for a discussion of the differences between these programs. If you want to apply to the Program in Applied Mathematics, you should follow their instructions, not the instructions given here.


Application Procedure Details

Three Letters of Recommendation:

You should arrange for at least three letters of recommendation. The letters must be dated and may not be more than a year old.

Statement of Purpose:

Your statement of purpose should describe your interests in mathematics generally, and in The University of Arizona in particular. If you have done a research project of some kind, you should include some description of it in your statement.

Transcripts & Degree Certificates:

Both domestic and international applicants must submit transcripts from all previous colleges and universities attended. Unofficial transcripts are accepted for the initial application. Official transcripts will be required upon admittance and the applicant will be notified by the Graduate College.

Description of Math-related Coursework:

This list should include all your mathematics coursework at the junior level or higher. For each course please include the course number as it appears on your transcript, the topics covered and the textbook used. If the course is a graduate course, you should indicate this.

TOEFL or IELTS Score Report:

International applicants whose native language is not English must also submit their scores from either the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exams. The minimum requirements for the scores may be found on the admissions requirements page. The test date must be within two years of the intended term of enrollment to be considered valid.  You will be required to either upload a copy of your TOEFL (or IELTS) score report during the online application process or arrange to have ETS (Educational Testing Service) send your scores to us electronically.  (School code: 4832; Department code: 0703)

GRE Score Report:

You may take both the GRE and the GRE Subject Test in Mathematics, however they are not required.   If you have chosen to take the exam you may either upload a copy of your GRE score report during the online application process or arrange to have ETS (Educational Testing Service) send your scores to us electronically.  (School code: 4832; Department code: 0703)


Please contact the Graduate Coordinator.