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Additional Resources for Undergraduates

The information collected here is meant to be helpful to math students, whether you are majoring in math or statistics, or plan to take just one math class.

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Student Profiles and Interviews

Advice from Alumni

Resources for International/ESL Students

  • International Student Services
  • Center for English as a Second Language:  Fee-based part-time and evening classes in the following areas: ☆ English ☆ Pronunciation ☆ Conversations
  • Writing Skills Improvement Program:  The folks at WSIP can help with any type of writing project (from essays to resumes to dissertations) at any stage.  
  • Cosmopolitan Toastmasters: A unique public speaking club for non-native English speakers in a friendly, supportive environment. Open to everyone. No prerequisite. Improve communication and leadership skills, and presentation skills. Improve self-confidence speaking in front of a group or when called upon. Great for anyone preparing for a class presentation or job interview.

Resources for Other Student Groups