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Recent M.A. Grads (Arizona Teacher Initiative)

This section gives information about all students who completed Master's degrees in Middle School Mathematics Teaching Leadership.

May 2013

  • Aguirre, Lydia. Thesis title: Can the Teacher Affect Internal Student Motivation?
  • Brady, Lawrence. Thesis title: Nspired in the Classroom.
  • Brown, Wanda. Thesis title: How does manipulatives affect academic engagement and achievement.
  • Johnson, Rachel. Thesis title: Focused Concentration in the Classroom: Can Math Performance Benefit from Short Focused Concentration Sessions.
  • Kennedy, Carol. Thesis title: Teaching Strategies using Geometry in the Elementary Classroom.
  • Langrehr, Constance. Thesis title: Using Cognitively Guided Instruction to Increase Students' Conceptual Understanding of Fractions.
  • Manciet, Patricia. Thesis title: Reading, Writing and Mathematics.
  • Martin, Jenifer. Thesis title: Mathematical Problem Solving through a Contextualized Curriculum.
  • Maspero, Karen. Thesis title: Make mathematics easier for Left-Handed students in a Right-Handed world.
  • McDonald, Amy. Thesis title: Strategic Complex Instruction in Grade 1: Potential Effects on Student Participation, Reflection, and Confidence in Mathematics.
  • Promis, Esteban. Thesis title: Improving Math Attitudes a Fraction at a Time, Action Research Study.
  • Schickling, Michelle. Thesis title: Connecting to Math through Arts Integration.
  • Welch, Eric. Thesis title: Face-to-Face Strategy Games and the Development of Students' Reasoning, Problem-Solving, and Self-Regulated Learning Skills.
  • Woods, Heather. Thesis title: Homework Motivation- Do Teachers Really Make a Difference?

May 2012

  • Brown, Stephen. Thesis title: Extended Time: Time for Special Education Students to Master Mathematics.
  • Catalano, Alice. Thesis title: Teaching Integers to Middle School Students.
  • Cooper, Beverly. Thesis title: The Effects of Journaling in my Mathematics Classroom.
  • Gregg, Kristina. Thesis title: Parent Involvement and Middle School Mathematics Education.
  • Kennedy, Carina. Thesis title: Social Justice and a Mathematics Classroom.
  • Lee, Sunny. Thesis title: Writing and Oral Expressions in Mathematics Classroom.
  • Linton, Sandra. Thesis title: Improving Mathematical Vocabulary in Geometry.
  • Lozano Garza, Leticia. Thesis title: Creating a 21st Century Learner in Math.
  • McClain, Corissa. Thesis title: Math Websites: Bridging Parents to the Classroom.
  • Miller, Nina. Thesis title: Writing for Meaning and Metacognition: Implementing Math Journals in a 5th Grade Classroom.
  • Slingerlend, Jon. Thesis title: Measuring Up: Increasing Student Fraction Sense Through Measurement.
  • Zanin, Kathryn. Thesis title: A Journey to Support Mathematics Teachers: An Eye Opening Experience.

December 2011

  • Robinson, James. Thesis title: Active Vocabulary: Effects of Engaged Instructional Strategies and Graphic Organizers on Vocabulary Retention.

May 2011

  • Dancil, Cynthia. Thesis title: Mathematical Writings in the 7th Grade Classroom.
  • Agnew Weil, Jessica. Thesis title: Making Context Meaningful in Math Word Problems for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students.
  • Basurto, Xavier. Thesis title: The Effects of Incorporating Geometry and Measurement into Fraction Instruction.
  • Espinoza, Chiraporn. Thesis title: Action Research Study on Students with Learning Disabilities in Mathematics in the Inclusion Classroom.
  • Hillman, Patricia. Thesis title: Homework: Interventions and Perceptions in the Middle School Math Classroom.
  • Mahoney, Blanca. Thesis title: What Motivates Students to Complete Their Class Work?
  • Martinez, Steven. Thesis title: Explorations in the Factorization of the Fibonacci Numbers and Can a Math Classroom Foster Belief That Success is Attainable through Effort?
  • Pacheco, Monica. Thesis title: The Effects of Tiered Assignments on 6th Grade Students' Learning and Their Perceptions of Homogeneous Achievement Groups.
  • Seidler, Paul. Thesis title: Improving Students' Abilities to Use Effective Problem-Solving Strategies.
  • Valdez, Maria. Thesis title: Five out of Four People Have Trouble with Fractions.

August 2010

  • Papenfus, Melissa. Thesis title: Vocabulary Instruction in the Mathematics Classrooom.

May 2010

  • Bond, Jill. Thesis title: Technology in Middle School Mathematics.
  • Gribble, Cassie. Thesis title: Mathematical Discussion and Student Learning in the Classroom.
  • Henry, James. Thesis title: Number Sense and Its Impact on Students' Solving of Algebraic Equations.
  • Klein, Samantha. Thesis title: What Gets Students to Talk about Math?
  • Munoz, Liliana. Thesis title: Teaching Strategies for Integers and Operations.
  • Rishor, Donna. Thesis title: Task Structure and Student Engagment in Middle School Mathematics.
  • Temple, Katherine. Thesis title: Differentiated Instruction and Flexible Group.


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