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4.1. Printer Access

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Konica Minolta Printer/Copiers - KM-401 and KM-ENR2


Located  in the Math building room 401N and in ENR2 Floor 3




NEW! You can now log in by swiping your CatCard!

Instructions for setting up the printer on your computer are here:



Bulk jobs (printed course materials or exams for example) should be handled with the main office copier. This is still by far the most cost-effective way for us to do copying, so we appreciate your cooperation with this. Printing requests can be uploaded at photocopy service request form

The shared printers in the Math Tower hallways and Grad Labs will be phased out as their current print cartridges expire.


The Room 108 staff will be responsible for restocking paper in the copiers, but we do appreciate your assistance in notifying them if you notice that the paper supply is low